It’s Nicole everyone. I am really addicted to Korean skincare. Ever since I started, it did wonders for my skin. Korean beauty products are expensive and not easily accessible. Good thing that there are many websites that sell Korean products. One of them is Althea Korea. Althea Korea is one of my favorite websites to shop. They have a huge variety of products at very reasonable prices. It is less expensive to buy on their site compared to physical stores. Each month has a different theme. It is a curated box consisting of at least 6 full-size items.  Recently, I bought the Lazy Sunday Box. The theme caught my attention especially the word “LAZY” (ahem). It is cheaper to buy their beauty boxes compared to buying the products individually. Let’s calculate and compare.

photo taken from Althea Korea’s site:

Price Comparison

Lazy Sunday Box: 1,260
Individal Purchase:
  1. 1004 Laboratory Deep Blue Caviar Collagen Mist:                     P490
  2. Calmia Cleansing Tissue:                                                              P60
  3. Wangskin Moist Soothing Cream:                                               P540
  4. The Saem Sammeul Cream Stick Blusher – Coral Ending:            P440
  5. Etude House Big Cover Pot Concealer Pro – Sand:                      P407
  6. Laneige Fresh Calming Quick Toner Pack:                                    P1,010
  7. Total:                                                                                             P2947

I got all the prices from Althea Korea’s website except for the Etude House Big Cover Pot Concealer Pot. I can’t find the product on their site so I just googled it. Here are the items of the Lazy Sunday Box. I will give a short description and review of each product.

1. 1004 Laboratory Deep Ble Caviar Collagen Mist

This product is one of the reasons I purchased this beauty box. I watched She Was Pretty and the characters spraying mists on their faces. I got curious what is it for. Basically, it is used to hydrate and moisturize your face throughout the day. I like it!! It helped my skin stay plump and hydrated.

2. Calmia Cleansing Tissue

I am not a fan of cleansing tissues. The thought of rubbing and tugging my skin makes me cringe. I haven’t used this product. I still have my Maybelline Micellar Water (which I really love) to use for my lazy days.

3. Wangskin Moist Soothing Cream

I also haven’t tried this one because I am still trying to finish my Physiogel Cream. I don’t want to open multiple items of the same kind at the same time.

4. The Saem Saemmeul Cream Stick Blusher-Coral Ending

Most ladies believe that kilay (eyebrows) is life but for me blush on is life. I love the consistency of this blusher. It is so creamy and non-drying. It also looks natural. I would love to repurchase this blusher

5. Etude House Big Cover Pot

I am not a fan of concealers. I hate how it makes my skin dry and gives me dry patches. This concealer is no exception but it is not as drying compared to concealers I tried before. It is an okay product. If you don’t have dry skin like mine you would love this.

6. Laneige Fresh Calming Quick Toner Pack

I was surprised when I saw that they gave me the whole box of the Fresh Calming Quick Toner Pack. The box contains 20 sachets and it costs P1,010 and the Lazy Sunday box is P1,210 so this is a total save of money.

7. Missha All Around Safe Block

Wait, there’s more. They gave me one sample each of the Waterproof Sun Milk, Essence Sun Milk, and Soft Finish Sun Milk.

Final Thoughts:

I love shopping my K-beauty products in Althea. It is less expensive and I love their customer service. The package only took about 5 days to be delivered. That is fast despite the fact that the products are directly shipped from South Korea. I don’t have any negative thoughts about the products that were sent to me. I think I can definitely use it all.